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Applied Kinesiology - Chiropractic Services in Columbus(614) 717-9144
Alternative Health Oasis of Columbus (Powell) Ohio is the definitive natural health office/store of central Ohio. Situated at 10223 Sawmill Parkway, Powell, Ohio, Alternative Health Oasis offers various health and wellness services such as colon hydrotherapy (colon cleansing) chiropractic care, advanced applied kinesiology, ion cleansing footbath, raw foods, classes, seminars, essential oils, as well as a huge range of holistic health supplements, products and super
2704 Billingsley Road, Columbus OH, 43235
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Hays Holistic Health(614) 239-7880
Welcome to Hays Holistic Health! I'm committed to assisting you improve your quality of life. It's what God has blessed me to do! We're vibrational beings. When our vibrations are at their optimal level and rate we feel wonderful and at ease. When they are not, we do not feel so well and dis-ease sets in. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, dis-ease is the end result of blockages in the flow of chi or energy in the body. We can use a range of physical and vibrational techniques to
1484 Devonhurst Drive, Columbus OH, 43232
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American Institute-Alternative - Acupuncture Massage in Columbus(614) 825-6255
Thank you for your interest in the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. You'll find that our best quality programs exceed your expectations. Our focus is on providing you the experience and skills that you need to be successful in your practice. AIAM is a leader in alternative medicine education. Our graduates have fulfilling and rewarding careers. Our instructors are caring, dynamic and professionally experienced in the topics that they teach. Our programs are designed for your
6685 Doubletree Avn, Columbus OH, 43229
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